The Story of Ancestral Energy

What makes us human? More than words and thoughts,
there is one energy that exceeds all others. An energy that has inspired most of Earth’s poetry and music. An energy in front of which the inexplicable and total war within us has no weapons.

An energy that makes and breaks people, empires and religions. An energy that burns through love and sin, and without which we would not exist. From mystifying love affairs, to orgies worthy of Roman Emperors, from passions that transpire our desires and throw us against fiery walls, to bodies laying bare in a mystical haze. In a world in which violence is all around us, yet we find ourselves having to hide while making love, the only revolution worth fighting and tearing down all barriers for is the Revolution of Love.

A mystifying love, consumed without limits. From taboo affairs hidden from society’s critical eye to public love affairs adored by an entire world, our dreams all lead us to love through one form or another.
The Ancestral Energy that results from our fusion is eternal.
Beyond anything that we can perceive as real and physical we find ourselves; again and again. Naked, lightly or firmly touching ourselves or each-other, playing through the night, explosively unloading our inner being while discovering newer and newer pleasures. In discovering such pleasures we are often aided by titillating aphrodisiacs and potions that make our pleasure even more decadent and uplifting. And here it is.


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